GPI® M30 Mechanical Fuel Meter

The GPI M30 mechanical fuel meter is designed for the field measurement of thin viscosity petroleum fuel only and intended for use with pump systems in 5 to 30 GPM (19 to 114 L/min) flow range. This meter translates flow data from a nutating disk into calibrated units. Pump and meter combinations available. The M30 easily attaches to the new modular fuel transfer pumps with the Quick-Fit modular feature (simple four-bolt connections). This quick-fit modular fuel meter is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.


  • Easily attaches to the G20 fuel transfer pump, Gallon register.
  • Features simple four-bolt connections that allow the meter to be mounted in multiple directions
  • Unsurpassed accuracy. Meter is within a +/-2% accuracy across a flow range from 5 to 30 GPM.
  • Durable aluminum housing; magnetic drive replaces the driveshaft and seal, eliminating driveshaft leaks
  • Twist knob reset; batch total and cumulative total display