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We are a locally-owned company in the Lower Mainland that provides various fuel services at affordable prices.

Sales and Rentals of Fuel Tanks in the Lower Mainland

Whether you need a single or double wall fuel storage tank, Flashpoint Fuels Ltd. can supply you with fuel tanks within the Lower Mainland. We have ULC-certified tanks ranging in size from 500 litres all the way up to 35,000 litres for rent or sales. We can also provide ULC-certified single or double-wall Transportation of Dangerous Goods tanks ranging in size of 450 litres up to 2700 litres.

Fuel tanks can be rented monthly or weekly.


  • Home heating oil tanks
  • Double-wall fuel tanks
  • Single-wall fuel tanks

All tanks can be outfitted with a fuel transfer pump or a suction and return line, depending on what your requirements are. Many storage tanks are able to accommodate both pumps and suction plus return lines for added convenience.

Our main provider of fuel storage tanks is Westeel. This includes Fuel-Vault which provide you with a secure and durable storage system.

Reliable fuel storage tanks are essential components in helping farmers operate with efficiency and without interruption, and are just as essential for other agricultural and industrial operations.

Contact us today to ask about sales and rentals of fuel storage tanks.

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