Lower Mainland
Fuel Delivery

Flashpoint Fuels Ltd provides fuel and lubricant solutions from Whistler to Hope. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Flashpoint Fuels is your trusted source for fuel delivery; diesel, marked and unmarked, home heating oil, tank service and removals, lubricants and so much more. We support the Agriculture industry and fuel our food supply.

Vancouver Area Fuel Services

From Hope to Squamish, many homes use oil for their heating purposes, something that needs to be refilled every so often. Additionally, industrial and commercial machines make use of oil, diesel, or other fuel in their work. We offer fuel delivery services, allowing you to order more fuel when it is required. During colder months, a lot of people use more fuel, so make sure to order before your tank gets too low. Flashpoint Fuels Ltd. provides Vancouver area with dedicated fuel delivery services.

Fuel Delivery

Keep your building heated and your machines running with our fuel delivery.

Tank Inspections

Fuel tanks should undergo yearly inspections for leaks and damage.

Tank Rentals & Sales

We rent and sell fuel tanks in a wide range of sizes for your convenience.

Request A Delivery Quote

We are a locally-owned company that knows the value of good customer service. When you call us, you talk directly to the owner. Our dedication to excellent service and high-quality service principles gives us an advantage in the industry. We have emergency response training and are certified to transport dangerous goods. Give us a call today to request a quote or inquire about pricing on our products.

Certified Fuel Tank Inspections

Did you know that your fuel tank should be inspected yearly? Flashpoint Fuels provides fuel tank inspection services to detect wear and tear and leaks. If your tank is found to be damaged, then we will perform a removal and replacement, making sure to pump all your fuel from the old tank into the new one. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.