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We are a locally-owned company in the Lower Mainland that provides various fuel services at affordable prices.

Convenient Fuel Delivery Services Throughout the Lower Mainland

Flashpoint Fuels delivers bulk diesel (clear or marked) and bulk Gasoline (clear or marked) with or without ethanol. Our bulk deliveries to industrials, farming and construction accounts are delivered to storage tanks at your site. We also provide smaller deliveries to generators and individual equipment. You can be placed on an automatic filled program or you can call us as needed at 604-435-3646.

Heating your home is crucial to staying comfortable in the colder months of the year. No one likes to come home on a rainy and miserable day to find that their house is just as cold and damp as the weather outside. When your heating fuel reserves are getting low, call Flashpoint Fuels Ltd. We provide fuel delivery services within the Lower Mainland. We offer scheduled delivery services as well as one-time deliveries all dependent on your needs.

We deliver the following kinds of fuels

  • Home heating fuel (furnace oil and stove oil)
  • Diesel fuel (marked and clear)
  • Gasoline (marked and clear)
  • Kerosene

Fuel can often be delivered on the same day, depending on factors such as weather, location of the trucks, and number of other jobs that we have. Our Automatic Fill Program accounts for most of our customers. We can monitor your consumption and ensure your tank stays filled on the top half. This allows us to keep a cushion for when it gets colder and keeps your costs more consistent.

Our dedication to excellent service and high-quality service principles gives us an advantage in the industry. We have emergency response training and are certified to transport dangerous goods. Give us a call today to request a quote or inquire about pricing on our products.

bulk fuel delivery

Many of our farming, construction, and industrial customers order their fuel in bulk. We maintain a consistent supply of fuel which we deliver throughout the Lower Mainland at least weekly.

You can find fuel at a competitive rate no matter what the size of your tank or the rate of your consumption. Every customer is unique, so give us a call today.

To get started on your fuel delivery, contact us today.

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